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Get quality assured range of Gas Treatment System, Extraction System, Centralized Vacuum Conveying System, etc.
About Us

Stratgem Projects & Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a market leader in innovative air, powder conveying, environmental technology and automation industry, serving clients with application-specific, custom-made and high-quality solutions for their industrial air and environmental concerns. We are of the view that together we are responsible for cleaner and greener future, keeping this in view, we started our company in 2014. Our venture was commenced with the mission of providing environmental and engineering solutions to industries and making a difference in the fields of air pollution management and pneumatic conveying systems. From our manufacturer and supplier company, one can buy Gas Cleaning System, Bag Filter System, Industrial Gas Scrubber, MSS Bag Filter, Chemical Wet Scrubber, Injection System, etc.

We are the perfect choice for customers because of our passion for highly-engineered and efficient solutions, as well as our commitment to reliability and on-time delivery. We adhere to the customer first, quality excellence, and business ethics policies. Our goal is to establish ourselves as a trustworthy partner to our customers all over the world. Customers can also avail Retrofits And Refurbishments Services as well as Engineering And Project Consultancy Services.

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Our Founder and Directors

At Stratgem, we are proud of our ability to respond to requirements of client with zeal, passion and technical solutions that continue to deliver excellent outcomes. The unwavering commitments of our founders & directors is the driving force behind our company:

  • Shailesh Thakare: He is a chemical engineer with an enthusiasm for researching and creating complex systems, the ability to work on a variety of scales from micro to global, and a desire to provide customers with long-term solutions. Working in several environments and energy OEMs, including German MNCs, has provided him experience in designing, manufacturing, solutions selling and supply chain. His track record includes the installation of numerous fume and gas scrubbers throughout India. His objective is to foster young brains creativity while also preparing them to be future-ready engineers. During his spare time, he is an avid wildlife photographer and bird enthusiast who indulges in his hobbies whenever available.
  • Chandrakant Patil: A mechanical engineer who is recognized for his quickness and adaptability as a leader. In his previous company, Rieco Industries Limited, he was Vice President and Business Head. In a short period of time, demonstrating his ability to manage the vital business with complexity. His value engineering abilities go a long way toward lowering costs and providing the best solutions for his valued clients. He has dedicated his career to sales and the P&L of company, and he can foresee targets using analytics and data. We all admire his perseverance in the face of adversity, and he strongly believes that tough times never last, but tough people do. He is also a foodie who enjoys going out on long drives.
  • Anish Joseph: He is a mechanical engineer with extensive experience with industrial machinery and processes, having begun his career in commissioning, troubleshooting, and process improvements before taking over the Pneumatic Powder Handling Solutions business. In his previous company, Rieco Industries Limited, he held the positions of Vice President and Business Head. He stands out as a business leader with field experience who designs and sells sophisticated solutions for a variety of industries. His enthusiasm for automating bulk powder handling procedures makes him the go-to guy for any upgrades. A strategic and critical thinker who prefers to make decisions over just contemplating. As a manager, he places a premium on empathy for coworkers, which he has fostered throughout his career.

Customers Satisfaction

We are a customer-centric firm, and our primary goal is to meet the diverse needs of our valued customers by providing superior quality goods like MSS Bag Filter, Gas Cleaning System, Injection System, Chemical Wet Scrubber, etc. for a wide range of applications. We believe in providing a total solution rather than just equipment. The following points make us provide fast after-sales service.

  • 15+ Industry Experience
  • 25+ Products Offerings
  • 100% On time delivery
  • 50+ Years of Collective Experience
  • 24X7 Service Support

Our Services

  • Engineering and Project Consultancy Services: Our team of experts possess years of practical field experience and vast knowledge in the industry through which, they provide most advantageous solutions & advice to clients regarding air pollution control and powder handling automation. We also provide project-based consultations for varied technologies & products and solutions for project & procurement management and custom processes.
  • System Optimization and Enhancement: In the era of fast growing technology, we are supporting companies to optimize their productivity and cost of production via providing them system optimization and equipment & process enhancement solutions for increased efficiency.
  • Retrofits and Refurbishments: For upgrading the performance of existing older installations at industries, we provide these services. Our experts render retrofitting and refurbishing solutions to make the previous installations higher in efficiencies, better in performance & productivity. 
  • Spare Parts and After Sales Services: Through our standardized & well-scheduled solutions, we fulfil the spares & services requirements of industries within minimum response time. Also, for periodic maintenance & services, we are offering annual maintenance contracts.